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Spread your wings,“Be the change you wish to see in the world."


Welcome to
Inspire yoga!
My name is Anne.



I believe that LOVE is the way and I hope to inspire more love and kindness towards ourselves, in our families, in our communities and in the world around us.


On and off the yoga mat, we are in this together. We can all make a difference … it starts with you and me.


“Show up as you are, open heart, wings spread wide.”
- Rachel Brathen 

Classes 1

Now is always a good time to practice yoga. Believe in yourself and remember that, at this very moment, you are perfect as you are, you are enough, and yes, you are flexible enough to join us on our mats.

Your yoga practice doesn’t expect anything from you. You only have to show up. This well-invested time provides space for you to be kind to yourself and to remind you that you matter. By showing yourself love, you fill your own cup. You’ll find yourself more kind, loving and compassionate towards yourself and others and, in time, this will reflect in the world around you.

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