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 INSPIRE kindness

Passionate About Inspiring Others

“Random acts of kindness connect us to humanity, they remind us that we are all in this together.”

Being kind matters.

Kindness (Ahimsa) is the foundation of yoga, it's a positive force that connects us all and I believe that we can all work together to create a kinder world by giving back in one way or another. It's my hope that our time spent together on our mats will serve to deepen the connection to not only yourself, but the world around you and inspire you to take a look at where you can offer more kindness and compassion on and off your mat.

Kindness is contagious.

Being kind makes you feel good! When you feel good, you do good! And when you do good it reminds others of what love, kindness and joy feels like and this inspires them to do the same.  It's so simple, yet the changes are profound and everyone benefits, the giver as well as the receiver.

It's easy to be kind.

No action is too small, sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference. So smile at a stranger, pay for someone's morning coffee, volunteer at your local food bank, do a favor without expecting anything in return...the list is endless and so are the rewards. 


Kindness starts with you.

Let's make kindness a way of life. Don't wait for others to be kind, lead the way. Together we can make a difference, one good deed at a time.

Each time you extend your love and kindness to self and to others, you spread your wings a little wider.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Pre-registration is manditory for ALL classes.

Due to unpredictability of the weather, classes will only be open for booking the weekend before.

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Where exactly on the beach

Our Summer classes will be held at the Parlee Beach, Shediac, on the WEST End of Parlee Beach, past the restaurant, on the Pointe du Chene side. Parking is "free" before 9am and after 5pm.


Classes are weather permitting

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